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Open Reasoning: The analyst watcher blind spot A great post that is a must read for anyone wanting to understand AR. (tags: analystrelations) Is the Tipping Point Toast? — Duncan Watts — Trendsetting | Fast Company is it time to redefine the whole influencer arguement – do influencers count? Duncan Watts raises some interesting questions […]

James Governor’s Monkchips » A Memo That Clarifies the Microsoft Yahoo bid Interesting blog post by James about MS/Yahoo acquisition. Especially like the memo from McAndrews that brings a bit of perspective (tags: yahoo microsoft) BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » The internet is the social network Jeff Jarvis – continues his thinking from social media […]

Hitwise Intelligence – Robin Goad – UK: Boxing Day busiest online shopping day in the UK during 2007 Retailers should take note and increase the bandwidth on these days. We tried sale shopping on boxing day and found the experience very slow due to numerous timeouts. (tags: online shopping) 3rd party sites that picks […]

James Governor’s Monkchips » A powerful, free, buzz tracking tool: Eliminate The Need for RedMonk#comment-221923 Want to know who is taking part in conversations on Twitter – James has found a great tool that will email you the direct conversations between people (tags: twitter microblogging socialmedia) Groundswell (Incorporating Charlene Li’s Blog): The POST Method: A […]