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It is probably the single most important page on the web. The one that you look at more than anything else – the one that vendors would sell their souls for if they could only capture that space for the briefest of time. It is also overlooked – cash is spent by the bucket load […]

I’d like to highlight a presentation I have seen on social media – what makes this one different is that it avoids the normal clutter and makes a coherent discussion about what is important, how to do things right and how the web is evolving. Even though there are several Edelman clients listed in here […]

I think that the Darwin awards needs to have a new classification under the 2.0 category. Top of this list today would be @theconner on Twitter who made this ridiculous post: Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose […]

This post was originally published on the Edelman ‘how to kill a pheasant’ ning. I shouldn’t have to start a post with an explanation, but I feel in this instance, it is due. Firstly, I am not a Jade Goody – the reality TV star fan. I don’t even like Big Brother or any of […]

It seems that my long absence from the mighty social media world has come to an end. The change – a new motivation. A few of us at Edelman are creating ‘something’ under the banner of ‘how to kill a pheasant in the digital age’ – think of it as an almanac of thoughts from […]