White paper

White Paper

Distributed influence: quantifying the impact of social media

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I am delighted to share with you a white paper outlining the thoughts and views of several key stakeholders who met late last year to discuss the issue of measuring online influence.

Download: “Distributed influence: quantifying the impact of social media” (PDF)

The catalyst behind this document was the publication of Edelman’s Social Media Index in July 2007 with David Brain. This attempted to propose a new way of calculating an individuals online influence beyond the ‘traditional’ method of analysing a blog’s inbound links to incorporate other social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook.

The white paper aims to address this issue. It is not written as a fait accompli but rather as a contribution to the conversation. In the true spirit of social media, the roundtable and consequently this white paper, discussed far more than the original question regarding how to measure online influence but also focused on the several complementary areas. Links to all of these topics are shown below:

In completing this, my thanks go to the many people who left insightful comments on the various blogs as well as the smart group of individuals who took part in the roundtable, namely:

PublisherJeff Jarvis, Buzzmachine

Steve Rubel, me2revolution

Keith O’Brien, PRWeek


Henry Copeland, BlogAds

Industry Observer

Peter Kim, Forrester

Charlene Li, Forrester

Interactive Agency

David Dunne, Edelman

Measurement Max Kalehoff, Nielsen Buzzmetrics (now with Clickable)

Advertising Research Foundation

Sarah Petersen, StrategyOne


Richard Edelman, Edelman

Jonny Bentwood, Edelman

Rick Murray, me2revolution


Dr. Walter Carl, Northeastern University, ChatThreads





I welcome your thoughts and comments about this document. My aim when writing this was to continue the debate that the original post sparked – I realise that there are still many questions left unanswered and several more that have now been raised but I hope that this white paper will help clarify some of the complex issues that social media raises.


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  1. I would like to cite paper — no date.

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