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To provide an added balance, Jeremiah Owyang has contributed the view from the analyst’s perspective… To download these images go to Flickr for Analyst Relations (from @jonnybentwood) or Analyst (from @jowyang)

Obviously not meant to be taken seriously – hope you like. For previous puns directed at the analyst community – see: Downfall: Gartner MQ, view on YouTube

I was fortunate enough to spend time with Ray Wang, disruptive analyst supremo at Constellation Research. Taking advantage of finally seeing him in person, I collared him with a microphone and asked him several questions on the area he knows best – the enterprise. This 10 minute podcast explores these questions… What would you define […]

Who is the analyst that makes the difference for you? Which firm has most successfully helped you make the right decisions? The IIAR is now taking votes for the coveted Analyst of the Year competition. You can read more about it on their blog Most importantly vote …NOW!

Extract from blog by Marc Nemec, Managing Director, Forrester Research It is with significant pleasure and great excitement that Forrester today announced the acquisition of Springboard Research. By acquiring Springboard, we further our commitment to serving Technology Industry leaders — especially those in the Vendor Strategy role — with rich data and in-depth analysis of […]

Too often I struggle to find out what analyst has said what about a specific subject. To make matters easier I have compiled a list of search tools to help me. Even though you can create custom lists, it sometimes becomes hard when you want to look for specific content within this group (especially if […]

(Edit – updated with more predictions. Computing have taken extracts and copied on their site – if anyone spots the citation please let me know!) Every year industry analysts formally put their reputation on the line and make predictions for the next 12 months. This post aims to summarise their views in one place – […]

Ray Wang leaves Altimeter Group to form syndicated research house Starts business with incredible global analysts and advisors including Vinnie Mirchandani, Phil Fersht, Dennis Howlett and Paul Papadimitriou 70% of customers will be buy-side When Ray Wang explains the thinking behind the newest analyst firm on the market, a few words are frequently used: Disruption […]

Analyst ethics?


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who guards the guards? This is a question that my peers and I have been discussing for some time. We are in a quandary. Analysts and analyst relations live in a symbiotic relationship where we need each other to thrive – you could argue that we are each others PR team […]

  Last week I was joined by Jeremiah Owyang, Carter Lusher and Barbara French for a very lively and sometimes contentious discussion on how social media has affected the analyst industry. There’s some great advice in this podcast for AR pros and analysts alike. Social media is not an end in itself. If conversations are […]