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Earlier this week I took part in an engaging panel discussion at Brighttalk with Eamonn Conway of BrightTalk, Linlay Gooden from Green Screen On and Doug Kesler from Velocity Partners. Specific areas that we covered include: Why do you think there is a growth in B2B video? What memorable B2C video can you think of […]

Last week I was speaking with a ‘social media pro’ who informed me that I shouldn’t bother with blogs as its all Quora nowadays. At first hand it’s not such a silly statement – may people instinctively believe that the volume of blogging has fallen massively since 2007 at the expense of the shiny toys […]

As part of Edelman’s ongoing thought leadership, I am delighted to invite you to the latest online BrightTalk conference focussing on ‘Rethinking Marketing Methods in the Digital Age’ on September 15th at 1pm UK. Part of the ‘Social Media for Business Marketing Summit’ with presentations by Brian Solis and David Tebbutt this presentation aims to […]