Family Bentwood Hi – I’m Jonny Bentwood.

I am a PR consultant for Edelman specialising in Analyst Relations, technology strategy and social media (I created TweetLevel) This blog aims to showcase where AR, technology and social media has got it right and wrong.

My rants and raves are purely my own thoughts but based upon years of cynicism within the technology industry.

Ever since owning a ZX81 and hacking into the schools computer on my BBC, I have had a fascination with technology. Previously an IT Consultant, I have specialised in AR for the past 8 years and am a founding member of the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations. Clients past and present who I have provided AR services for include Microsoft, Intel, HDS, FileNet, Motorola, Orange, Misys amongst many others.

I am happily married with two gorgeous twin sons and a princess. Any advertising on this site is not a direct endorsement either from myself or my employer.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can mail me on jonny.bentwood at edelman.com

14 Responses to “About”

  1. Man, that reference to the ZX81 is scary. Shows how old and not hip you are. Applies to me too -I also started on this, the one with a 16 KB extension!!!

  2. Gosh. I wrote the Personal Computer World review of it. How old does that make me? I don’t actually feel a moment older. Maybe younger now I’m not an editor any more.

    Thanks for the memories. I think.

  3. I had a ZX80 with IK and saved up for an extra 2K. I also had a BBC micro 🙂

  4. Hey, just came across this. I had a ZX81 too. Not enough memory to fill the screen with characters, right? 🙂

  5. Any friend of David Brain’s is a friend of mine. Wait, you support United? Seriously?
    Oh well, I have relatives and fake friends who do the same – it’s only football, right? Catch you by email or Twitter, Cheers, You’ll Never Walk Alone, Adam @NoOneYouKnow

  6. Hi Jonny,

    When’s the next list and post coming up! Hope all’s well.


  7. Wow. Feeling like a mere babe in woods. ZX81 sounds like model of Citroen automobile and I always thought the BBC was a news website (Someone explained that they broadcast over non-Internet radio also).

  8. Hi there,

    I would like to know more about your site and methods used to evaluate analyst firms. Who should I contact?

    Tanisha Kaul
    Marketing Manager
    03 9601 6723
    0411 459 202

  9. Hi Tanisha

    Best to contact me directly via jonny dot bentwood at edelman dot com

  10. Hi Johnny,

    I never had a computer of my own until maybe ’82. I don’t even like them.

    -Neil Raden
    Constellation Research

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