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In my continuing hunt to understand online presence and influence I have been alerted to a new beta site called QDOS that believes it has a means of measuring and therefore managing the way we look online. According to the website someone’s QDOS (kudos) score is calculated on three different variables: PopularityWho you know and the […]

I read with interest how Syria has decided to ban Facebook. Speaking with Reuters, the reason give is: Facebook helped further civil society in Syria and form civic groups outside government control. This is why it has been banned I do believe this is somewhat shortsighted. The Internet is like an avalanche that can’t be […]

A bit off topic but kudos to my colleagues in the Motorola team who have put together this video of free runners to help with the Motorola RAZR2 Le Parkour campaign. Ever since I saw the recent James Bond flick I have been quite enamoured with this (pity I am not fit enough to do […]

ARmadgeddon’s new post questioning whether analysts new business models are that revolutionary prompted Dale Vile in his new blog to compare analysts with telcos. Dale is a great one for metaphors and understands more than most how the analyst landscape is changing – in his post he explains: There was previously a discrete pond in which the analyst […]

ARmadgeddon has a great post today on the subject of influence and the changing nature of influence and its impact on industry analysts. The post explains that: “Influence is difficult to define and even more to measure. Because it is far easier to justify budgets and headcounts on analysts directly impacting deals” If budget will only […]

There’s nothing like bringing up old arguments. And you can pretty much guarantee an emotional outburst when discussing what Radiohead did last month after they released their album online in a ‘pay what you want model’.   Despite a positive response – (paidcontent noted thirty-eight percent of those who downloaded the title indeed chose to pay something, while 62 percent kept […]

Shame on you Coca Cola. As a brand you are second to none but when the Register alerted me to your facebook presence I had to have a look at what they were laughing at and I can truly understand why. The point of Facebook and other social media platforms is to engage in conversation, […]

In one month three PR blogs quit the scene – namely TWL, Strumpette and the Friendly Ghost. Normally I wouldn’t read too much into this and yet a little part of me can hear the quiet ringing of alarm bells. I remember the last time I thought like this very clearly – it was when […]

I hate blogs that only consist of links and so far I have managed to avoid making a post purely of links. However the past few weeks a couple of great posts have caught my eye so I thought I would share them with you: B L Ochman on How to Write Kickass Twitter Posts […]