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I’m off. Not forever but for the next 2 1/2 weeks with the family in Spain. Will get back to posting about the lovely world of analyst relations, social media and technology when I return.

Charlene Li from Forrester today points out some great links today that helps to explain what web 2.0 or social networking is all about. This is all thanks to a company called Common Craft. No longer will I struggle to explain to my wife why or Wikis are so important – now I can show […]


Maurene Grey (ex Gartner analyst) has just published a great post explaining how analysts informally evaluate their peers which I have reproduced below: Does the analyst actively listen before asking questions? Does the analyst treat non-client vendors with the same respect as client vendors? (If treated with respect, non-clients can become clients.) Seasoned PR and […]

At the beginning of the year Gartner proudly predicted that blogs are on the way out. The prediction came as part of a larger report of the group’s top 10 predictions for 2007 and beyond and speculated that the number of active bloggers would hit its all-time high in 2007, leveling out soon thereafter (Gartner […]

For many years I have complained that the major analyst firms do not take the SMB market seriously. They have little inclination to put the necessary resources behind what is undoubtedly a very tough market and give solid advice. When Dale Vile at Freeform Dynamics conducted on online survey with The Register, I think he may have […]

There is a great email discussion going on at present that Barbara French has initiated as she tries to update her analyst blog directory – a great tool to which I used as a reference point for creating the top 50 analyst bloggers league table. Amongst the issues discussed is: 1) What constitutes a blog […]