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Recent meetings of the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) have seen representatives from Forrester, Gartner and RedMonk explain how they can help vendors and enterprises alike succeed in an increasingly competitive IT environment where margins are stretched and innovation doesn’t always bring success. This time Camille Mendler, Vice President for the Yankee Group, and […]

John Simonds when commenting on the Top 50 Analyst bloggers highlighted an interesting point: I believe it was Gartner who predicted that the decline of blogging would begin this year (by some 40%) Whether Gartner made this point or not, it is certainly apparent that as a company they are not taking this medium as […]

This league table is a global ranking of the top 50 English-language analyst blogs. Edit (June 21) – I will keep this page updated with major changes to the league table due to blogs being missed (as with Stowe Boyd) or quantitative measures being updated (as with Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff). The next major […]

Edit (20 June) – the league table has been updated with a new entry in the top 5 and a new leader in the top spot – link. This league table is a global ranking of the top 50 English-language analyst blogs. This method of communication has increasingly been used with great effect by the analyst […]

When I started researching the league table for the top analyst bloggers I immediately hit a few surprises. There are amazingly few analyst bloggers globally Many analysts (who are meant to be ‘tech experts’) haven’t setup the basic infrastructure for their blog to be successful This league table will come out very soon. Inspired (and […]

Robert Scoble in his blog today discussed how Hugh Macleod gives his cartoons away for free. As a result, he got so popular that now companies are willing to pay for him to draw cartoons for them. Does this sound familiar? Analyst houses such as RedMonk, Quocirca, MWD and Freeform Dynamics have been using this […]