Better B2B Video – a Brighttalk Panel Discussion


BrightTalk webinar on B2B marketing video

Earlier this week I took part in an engaging panel discussion at Brighttalk with Eamonn Conway of BrightTalk, Linlay Gooden from Green Screen On and Doug Kesler from Velocity Partners.

Specific areas that we covered include:

  1. Why do you think there is a growth in B2B video?
  2. What memorable B2C video can you think of – can you think of any B2B videos?
  3. Are B2B videos boring?
  4. How creative should organisations be when creating B2B video content?
  5. How should one promote B2B videos?
  6. Is there such a thing as viral B2B content?
  7. What’s more important – the video or where the video is embedded?
  8. How can marketers use the engagement data of videos?

What’s your view of B2B video – would love to hear your opinion.

Click here to view video


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