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To those of you who are reading this in the UK, it should come as very little surprise that our trust in the UK government is on the decline. Notwithstanding the stupidity of the expenses scandal from our parliament, the results of the recent Edelman Trust Barometer shows that the UK are bucking the trend […]

Guest post by Jonathan Hargreaves – MD of European Technology Practice, Edelman (@naked_pheasant) – also posted on the wonderful Naked Pheasant blog One of the great sports of recent times has been to make fun of Jonny Bentwood and his passion for industry analyst relations.  In fact analysts have always been easy if not fair […]

Everyone knows that Twitter is huge. Not a day goes by without another story showing how it saved someone’s life, broke a news story first or has fundamentally changed the way we think – its growth and entry into everyday life could justifiably allow its usage to be called (in technobabble bingo) a ‘paradigm shift’. […]