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To take part in the ‘analyst of the year’ survey – click here Last year, the IIAR ran a survey to identify who AR practitioners believe should win the award of ‘analyst of the year’ and ‘analyst firm of the year’. I am pleased to say that today, we are now launching the survey once […]

My colleagues at the IIAR have produced a fantastic white paper sharing a best practice technique to ensure that your company is positioned fairly. Whereas, this isn’t the debate for whether the MQ is fair (heck even Gideon Gartner believes that  if he had his chance again, he would have made it a spider diagram!) […]

I’d like to highlight a presentation I have seen on social media – what makes this one different is that it avoids the normal clutter and makes a coherent discussion about what is important, how to do things right and how the web is evolving. Even though there are several Edelman clients listed in here […]

You can imagine the marketing team at NASA sitting round a table thinking how can we get more people involved and excited about space (aside: anyone remember similar plot in the Simpsons). Either way, this creative bunch decided, ‘what better way than to ask the crowd what shall we name our new room in the […]

I think that the Darwin awards needs to have a new classification under the 2.0 category. Top of this list today would be @theconner on Twitter who made this ridiculous post: Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose […]

This post was originally published on the Edelman ‘how to kill a pheasant’ ning. I shouldn’t have to start a post with an explanation, but I feel in this instance, it is due. Firstly, I am not a Jade Goody – the reality TV star fan. I don’t even like Big Brother or any of […]

It seems that my long absence from the mighty social media world has come to an end. The change – a new motivation. A few of us at Edelman are creating ‘something’ under the banner of ‘how to kill a pheasant in the digital age’ – think of it as an almanac of thoughts from […]