Social media white paper: contents and links to individual sections


White Paper

Since I published the social media white paper, a few people (such as Doc Searls and Sean Bohan) have recommended that I republish this document in html and into a series of blog posts so it is possible to comment on the individual sections.

Great idea – click on the links below to go the individual posts

  1. introduction
  2. why is it important to measure online influence?
  3. social media index
  4. defining influence
  5. is influence what we should measure?
  6. should marketers target influencers or the easily influenced?
  7. what can we be selling that is better to buy than impressions?
  8. what are the origins of influence?
  9. the move to micro communications
  10. be cautious 
  11. a formula to understand influence
  12. what makes this actionable?
  13. conclusion

You can still download the full document by clicking  here: Distributed influence: quantifying the impact of social media” (PDF).


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