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Edit: 12 May: updated with 10 additional analysts After I published the top analyst twitters last week, I am pleased to say there has been a surge of activity amongst the analyst community regarding who twitters and how they use it. I have now updated the table below to take the new players into consideration. Carter […]

The issue of blogger anonymity has been seen in a variety of different ways. Some hold the view that only through invisible blogs can real opinion be shared – others believe that hiding behind a pseudonym is wrong and that the author’s name should be known. The Worlds Leading, Armadgeddon and Fake Steve Jobs (until recently) […]

This league table is a global ranking of the top 100 analyst blogs. This method of communication has increasingly been used with great effect by the analyst community to engage in conversations. According to Tekrati there are approximately 225 analyst blogs – some have taken this form of communication as their main public output method, others […]

At the beginning of the year Gartner proudly predicted that blogs are on the way out. The prediction came as part of a larger report of the group’s top 10 predictions for 2007 and beyond and speculated that the number of active bloggers would hit its all-time high in 2007, leveling out soon thereafter (Gartner […]

James Governor  leads the UK contingent of analysts that blog and throws himself into the open source arena using a huge number of social media tools to explain his thoughts. Continuing the ‘8 questions’ series, James gives some candid views as to what he thinks is important. 1. Why do you blog? To get my […]

Traditionally, an individual’s web influence was measured by the success of their blog. In its simplest form this was done by counting how many people subscribed and linked to it. However, in today’s Web 2.0 world, this is no longer a credible metric as people are currently using a variety of different social media tools […]

Continuing the ‘8 questions‘ series, Charlene Li, who came top in the recent top 50 analyst bloggers league table with Josh Bernoff in their Groundswell blog has let me know her thoughts. As a blogger supremo this shows great insight into new media. Full Q&A below… 1. Why do you blog? 1) Because I want to be part […]

In the recent top 50 analyst bloggers league table, Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li of Forrester recently topped the charts with their Groundswell blog. Personally, I like to understand what makes him tick – which is why I sent him a little questionnaire to find out a little bit more. Full Q&A below… (Note: Josh […]

John Simonds when commenting on the Top 50 Analyst bloggers highlighted an interesting point: I believe it was Gartner who predicted that the decline of blogging would begin this year (by some 40%) Whether Gartner made this point or not, it is certainly apparent that as a company they are not taking this medium as […]

This league table is a global ranking of the top 50 English-language analyst blogs. Edit (June 21) – I will keep this page updated with major changes to the league table due to blogs being missed (as with Stowe Boyd) or quantitative measures being updated (as with Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff). The next major […]