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T’is the season to be jolly and take part in a quiz or two. These jokes come from the very best of the crackers – we tried this in the office and it didn’t take long for the groans and guffaws to filter their way back to my desk. How long will it take you […]

Via: Geek and Poke And an old one that is worth showing again…   How analysts make predictions? Via: GAF, courtesy of Dilbert

Courtesy of @wonky_donky at the Naked Pheasant. More to the point, he thinks I am algorithm-obsessed. He is partially true (I am sort-of embarrassed to say) – but fear not, something is cooking and will share all soon. Caption from “Mad Avenue Blues" – a superb parody of Digital Marketing set to the tune of […]

Kings of Europe


Excuse the second indulgence but what a night, what a game, what a score, what a penalty. I’ll be back on track discussing all things AR, social media and technology after I recover from this hangover. Technorati Tags: manchester united,mufc,champions,kings of europe,champions league



Off topic – but allow me this one little indulgence. Roll-on Moscow Technorati Tags: manchester united,champions,premier league,mufc

Whilst catching up on several great blogs, I came up across this comment in a post and it has stuck with me. At the best job interview I ever went to, I asked the guy ‘what are you looking for?’ – he said ‘interesting people, but more than that, interested people.’ The concept of ‘interested’ […]

It came as quite a shock to me to realise that my blog has been going for 1 year. It seems like longer and at times I never believed that I would continue with it but I am pleased that I have. I know that self-indulgent blog posts are not a recipe for success but […]