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Kudos to my colleague Mark Pinsent who pointed this great report from the EIU Download the marketing paper Engaging Global Executives: 10 Megatrends in B2B Marketing 2008 The 10 megatrends it predicts include: 1. Thought leadership becomes a top priority 2. B2B marketers go higher, deeper and wider 3. Integrated marketing becomes the norm 4. […]

You would think that green issues would be top of the CIO’s agenda in 2008 considering the predictions that many are making. However, Alan Cane from the FT found that in his recent straw poll, this issue came 11th. This view is not in isolation, as the clairvoyants from analyst firms and the media have […]

Over the past few months I have become a Twitter fan. There’s something about limiting yourself to 160 characters that fundamentally changes the way you communicate. Ironically it’s not the recent use of Twitter that acted as the catalyst to this post but rather reading an exceptional white paper written by mobile guru Will Harris (Nokia UK […]

Will from Edelman’s DERT team sent me a cool link today that helps visualize the network of connectivity between web sites. This service from TouchGraph uses Google’s database of related sites to help map this. Whereas it is always interesting (and dare I say it – slightly narcissistic) to use it for your own site – as […]

The Google blog today has made a surprising announcement in that they are acquiring Twitter competitor Jaiku. In my opinion this is a good move for Google and further proof that the largest software vendors are taking social media more seriously than ever. FactoryCity has a great post explaining why Google bought them – the […]

The dynamic world of social media is fascinating me at the moment. It seems that not a day goes by without a new entrant to the market, a debate regarding whether x is better than y or a huge discussion trying to sort out a way of calculating who is really important in the online world.        It […]

Traditionally, an individual’s web influence was measured by the success of their blog. In its simplest form this was done by counting how many people subscribed and linked to it. However, in today’s Web 2.0 world, this is no longer a credible metric as people are currently using a variety of different social media tools […]

  My DERTy colleagues first brought Surface to my attention this morning. However, I thought I would also highlight Jupiter’s take on it which is pretty good. Thanks to Larry Larsen for publishing the video which you can also download   Fun bits aside – what does Jupiter have to say (I have liberally taken quite […]

Sometimes I believe that analyst houses create new terminology for the sole purpose of obfuscating their customers in the hope that this will generate new income. Today’s new buzz-phrase is: ‘Digital Free-Agency’ – as coined by Gartner today. In case you were wondering this describes: how people are blending professional and personal computing requirements in […]

Fortune reported on Sunday how Microsoft is considering enforcing up to 255 of its patents that are part of Linux. They believe that the reason that Linux is of such high quality is because Microsoft have invested so much time and money innovating and creating software that users can benefit from. Gary Barnett from Ovum […]